Caitlin Escobar

Certified Parent Coach,
Positive Discipline Educator, Meditation Teacher,
Imperfect Mom of Two
and Parent Empowerer.

Motherhood for me was a seriously rocky start. I was stressed-out, overwhelmed and feeling alone as a parent. This was not the blissful parenting journey I had imagined! My relationships and work responsibilities were all suffering and I knew something had to change. 

Conscious Parenting Coach


You are not alone.

I am learning and doing this right along with you.

Conscious Parent Coach
Conscious Parent Coach
Conscious Parent Coach

I’m thrilled and honored to have you here. Whatever brought you to my page, my hope is that it was for a reason that I can help and support you with.

After becoming a mom, I was in a constant state of overwhelm, often Googling late into the night about all kinds of things I was afraid were wrong with me or my kids. I was constantly feeling guilty and uncertain about my role as a working mom.

At that time, I had no idea how this stream of self-doubt and overwhelm was contributing to my decline in health and overall disconnection from myself and my kids. So, after several episodes of completely losing my shit, I finally looked at myself in the mirror and asked;

“Who are you?”

“Is this the mother you want to be?”

“Is this the mother your daughters need?”

“What happened to me?”

This was the start of my inward journey to heal and learn new strategies.

I needed to raise myself before I could raise the child in front of me.

I started taking formal courses in parenting and meditation. I couldn’t get enough. These practices revealed all the answers I had been searching for all those nights. Little by little it started to become clearer to me who I actually was and how my children were my greatest teachers. I didn’t need Google to give me some false answers. My own kids were reflecting back to me the parts of myself that needed healing.

With this new awareness and over 8 years of corporate coaching as a side hustle, I decided to make it my full-time job by starting my own coaching practice focused exclusively on parents to support their own internal awakening and end the constant stream of overwhelm, judgement and self-doubt.

Through coaching on conscious parenting methods, teaching on the positive discipline techniques, and incorporating meditation as a key tool for conscious living, I am here to help you feel more grounded and equipped to manage the challenges of parenting.

After all, an influential pediatrician and psychiatrist once said, Parenting is the only real basis for a healthy society.”  And yet we rarely give ourselves enough credit or the time to build our skills in this vital role. Your role as a parent matters significantly. Not only to your child, but to our society and the next generation we are raising.

My life’s work is to empower parents to rethink parenting in order to create a better future for themselves, their children and our world. I want every child to grow up with a parent who feels capable and confident in their role.

Let's do the work together as we learn, improve, and rise to our highest level of parenting.


Certified Conscious Parent Coach– trained and certified by Shefali Tsabary, PhD from Colombia University as well as world-renowned clinical psychologist, New York Time Best Selling Author, and has been endorsed by Oprah as one of the most profound parenting coaches.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – International Coach Federation (ICF) certified

Positive Discipline Parent Educator – Positive Discipline Association certified

Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator – Mindful Leader certified

Mindful School Educator – trained and endorsed by Mindful Schools

Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor – Chopra certified

Master’s Degree (MA) in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University

Conscious Parent Coach


- Donald Winnicott