As a parent, I know you are busy.

Using my years of studying personal growth, child development and Eastern mindfulness, I am here to curate that knowledge for your unique needs, so you don't have to spend hours reading and researching on your own.

Our lives are more complex than ever.

I teach a blend of conscious parenting, positive discipline and meditation practices to thrive within the demands of being a modern parent.

The Conscious Parenting Method is very different than the mainstream model of parenting most of us grew up with. It integrates Western psychology with Eastern philosophy for a more diversified approach to working with the unique needs of your family.

Positive Discipline is a research-driven program that empowers parents with the tools to empower their children to manage themselves. This in turn develops confidence, increased capabilities and resilience in our kids- all within an encouragement model.

Meditation is a key tool within the Conscious Parenting framework. The meditation technique I teach is Primordial Sound Meditation, part of the yoga tradition of India, to help you achieve all the scientifically proven benefits of meditation.


Most of us grew up disempowered by our own parents, even well-meaning parents. Conscious Parent Coaching will give you a beautiful opportunity to shift your focus from raising your children, to also raising yourself into the kind of parent you want to be. You will be amazed at the massive freedom you create for yourself, and your kids, during this process.

Conscious Parent Coach

Using a blend of material from the Parenting with Positive Discipline program and other leading child therapists, my workshops and classes are designed to provide research-driven skills and tools in an interactive way for group learning. Classes and workshops are held online and in-person.


Meditation is one of the key tools for thriving in today’s fast-paced world. It is not a luxury, but crucial for healing the root cause of your stress and anxiety so that you can show up for your kids and life the way you want to. Investing in yourself through meditation will provide exponentialreturns.

Kind words from current clients:

"My first session with Caitlin offered immediate insight and relief. With a few powerful words, Caitlin cleared up a motherhood challenge I had been carrying for years. I quickly felt that I could trust her while communicating my real needs and experiences as a mother. Caitlin is a careful listener and encouraging coach. My perceptions of myself as a mother quickly evolved through this work. Caitlin's authenticity and wisdom shines through in every detail of her coaching."
Mandy M.
Mom of two | Entrepreneur | Colorado