Don't just give a present.
change a life.

Gift a parent you love with extra support and time for themselves

with a parent coaching gift card! 🎁

Gift Cards

They'll love you get it!

"Caitlin is by far the most talented and sincere coach I've ever encountered. She really does care."

- Dan Maycock

"My first session with Caitlin offered immediate insight and relief. With a few powerful words, Caitlin cleared up a motherhood challenge I had been carrying for years."

- Mandy Mackowiak

"Caitlin is a wonderful coach and a joy to talk to. She helped me set and implement healthy boundaries with my kids, which I struggle with."

- Dian Lee

What will they get?

Besides receiving a thoughtful gift from you, your loved one will specifically receive:

Three or five 50 minute 1:1 sessions

Three sessions are enough to identify the key areas of support and develop a go-forward strategy.

10% discount on future sessions

Parents can really benefit from having another person on their support team to help them on this journey.

Lasting change

Clients experience valuable change within themselves, their children and all close relationships.

It's no secret parenting is hard- and it feels harder then ever right now.

What could be better than gifting support?

Gift card parent coaching

Here's how it works.

Hi there, I'm Caitlin!

A certified Parent Coach and Positive Discipline Educator dedicated to partnering with parents to raise their internal awareness and evolve their purpose through their parenting role. I teach concepts in conscious parenting, positive discipline and meditation to support parents with the demands of being a modern parent in today’s complex world.

As a former corporate program manager and executive coach, I decided to take my education in mindfulness and experience in leadership coaching to begin a coaching practice with the goal of liberating parents from the constant stream of overwhelm and judgement. I do this by developing strategies and solutions that work with the unique needs of every family by integrating a blend of traditional and holistic approaches.

As a mother to two myself, I understand the massive pressure on parents and kids today. It is my mission to restore well-being within parenting so that our children can be raised empowered and liberated themselves.

Conscious Parenting Coach