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Parenting Over Pinot

A come-as-you-are event to discuss relevant parenting topics

A fun and informative monthly parent meetup

parent meetup

This is where you can look forward to getting together with other parents in a relaxed setting to learn new ideas for your parenting challenges, all while having fun and supporting each other along the way!

Come along side me as we navigate this parenting journey together

Parenting is challenging work and I believe it is meant to be done in community with ample support.

Research shows strong families have a network of people to provide concrete assistance, emotional support, and nonjudgmental help and validation.

Each month I will host a meetup to come as you are, unwind after a rough day of work and/or parenting and connect with other parents as we discuss a monthly parenting topic over a glass of wine.

The intent is to create a community where you can look forward to getting together in a relaxed setting, gain a few parenting tools, and support each other along the way.

Upcoming topics ...

Why Am I Freaking Out?​

Back by popular demand! Let’s talk about what triggers us and how to reduce our reactivity by breaking free of patterns that no longer work for us .

When: August 24th @ 7:00pm

Where: See registration email

Open Topics

Bring your parenting challenges, joys and anything else you’d like to share or get help with ideas on!

When: September,  28th @ 7 pm

Where: Woodinville Winery (exact location will be sent after registration)

Open Topics

Bring your parenting challenges, joys and anything else you’d like to share or get help with ideas on!

When: November 16th @ 7:00pm

Where:  TBD

Spots are limited due to the nature of the group and venue size (8 total) so please register early.

what will each meetup look like?

Our sessions are designed to be casual, yet safe to take risks, share vulnerabilities, and ask questions. You can always expect a non-judgmental attitude and validation that there is more than one way to parent, and only you are the expert on your own family.

I will begin with a short opener to provide relevant info around a monthly topic from leading child psychologists or an experiential activity.

From there I’ll introduce a discussion question for us to reflect on and anyone who feels comfortable can share their insights and experiences to learn from. 

The majority of our time is spent reflecting and learning from one another because this is how we learn best. Our parenting journey develops over time and is influenced by our previous life experiences and our ongoing experiences with others.

Hi there, I'm Caitlin!

A certified Parent Coach and Positive Discipline Educator dedicated to partnering with parents to find more joy and purpose within the parenting role. I teach concepts in conscious parenting, positive discipline and meditation to support parents with the demands of being a modern parent in today’s complex world.

As a former corporate program manager and executive coach, I decided to take my experience in leadership coaching and education in parenting principals to begin a coaching practice with the goal of liberating parents from the constant stream of overwhelm and judgement. I do this by developing strategies and solutions that work with the unique needs of every family by integrating a blend of traditional and holistic approaches.

As a mother to two myself, I understand the massive pressure on parents and kids today. It is my mission to build confident parents so that our children can be raised empowered and liberated themselves.

Evidence-Based Educator combined with Mom-in-the-Trenches Experience